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Pre-Season Checklist

2011 - 2012

The Middlesex Basketball League is a Central Venue League (CVL), which makes it much easier for Club Secretaries! Now, all a team has to do is turn up and play and not worry about referees, table officials, booking of the home court, lights being turned off by the caretaker etc. etc.!!

Before entering the MBL, here are a few useful reminders you ought to consider....

  • Have you got enough players to enter a team? We would recommend at least 8, preferably 10, but 12 is probably the ideal number to make the team financially viable for a season
  • Remember, you are NOT allowed to postpone matches in the MBL due to a lack of players through work commitments or illness
  • Have you got a court for training purposes? It's probably best to avoid either Tuesdays, Thursdays or Sundays as these are the days that are used for the CVL. However, you only play ONCE a week. Most games are on Sundays, but, occasionally, you may play a midweek game once every 2 to 3 weeks. Midweek games usually start at 8.30pm/8.45pm. Sunday games, any time from 11.30am
  • To ensure that there are sufficient referees to cover all the League games, the MBL has an Officiating Panel. Membership of the Panel is made up of neutral referees and club-nominated referees. As a condition of entry, the MBL requires each Club to satisfy the formula below for nominating active, qualified officials to the Panel:
    • 1 per team + 1
  • Officials will have to be approved by our Technical Manager and may be required to attend a Refresher Course if it is deemed necessary
  • For each referee short of entry requirements, you will be charged an additional £150, over and above the Basic CVL Entry Fee
  • All your players will need to have access to the Internet to complete the MBL's online Registration system. They will also need to supply a digital passport-style photo.
  • Is your team playing kit up to standard? Remember, according to MBL rules, the number on the front must be AT LEAST 10cms (4") in height and the number on the back at least 20cms (8") in height. You may be fined for not standard uniforms! Only numbers 4 to 15 are permitted!!!
  • The MBL also does NOT allow t-shirts to be worn under game shirts/jerseys and all shirts/jerseys must be tucked into a player's shorts at all times during a game. Persistent abuse of this rule may result in a Technical Foul!
  • Have you planned your Club Budget for the season? As a guideline:

MBL CVL Basic Entry Fee (payable in weekly cash instalments of £50 every time you play) after £500 deposit payment made by 1st October


Possible Referees Buy-Out Fee (e.g. £150 x 1 ref short)


England Basketball (EB) Club Affiliation Fee


EB Individual Registrations Fees (say 12 players @ £10 each)


Sports Hall usage for training (say £30/hr x 2 hrs x 20 weeks)


Uniforms (say £30 each x 12)




Assuming 12 players per team, cost per player per season

approx £280

Just a few things to start thinking about... we hope it helps... Good Luck!

The MBL looks forward to welcoming your Club!