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Membership Advice

If you would like to participate in The Middlesex Basketball League, either as a player, coach or simply as a supporter or someone interested in basketball, you MUST complete the MBL & EB Registration form prior to being accepted for participation.

You still need to complete this form even if you already hold a current license issued directly by England Basketball (or a another EB-approved Registrar), as you will be issued with a unique MBL License number.

If you have not already registered with EB and have not received an EB License number for this season, you can register with EB simply by answering YES to the relevant question on the Registration Form. You should only answer NO to this question if you have already been issued with an EB License number and you have your EB number available to complete on the form!

If you would like to know what benefits you receive from EB when you register, simply click on the Benefits option on the left.

If you would like information on EB's insurance scheme, simply click on the Insurance option on the left.