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Changes to the Official Rules of Basketball
as at 1st September 2006
Editorial changes in the rule
  •  Some terms are changed for the sake of simplification.
  • Mainly editorial changes are included for better understanding of the rules text and to minimise misinterpretation.
  • The numbering structure of the articles has not changed
Rule changes
1.    General
The text of the following articles was amended in order to improve the intend and clarification of the rule: Art. 6.2, 8.6, 9.4, 10.4, 13.2, 15.3, 17.2.3, 18.3.7, 25.2.2, 25.2.4, 29.2, 30.2, 31.2.5, 31.2.6, 31.3.3, 35.2.2, 37.1.1, 39.3.2, 42.2.7, 43.3.1, 44, 50.2.
2.    Art. 5.6
If the injured player or any player who is bleeding or has an open wound recovers during a time-out taken by either team before the scorer’s signal for the substitution, that player may continue to play. This shall avoid unnecessarily delays as a result of a substitution of an injured player who returns to play after a time-out.
3.    Art. 5.7 and Art. 19.3.8
If a designated free-throw shooter needs to be replaced, the substitute must attempt the free throws. The better clarification is made that this procedure is also valid in case of injury and when the player has committed his fifth foul or has been disqualified.
4.    Art. 17.3.1, 6th bullet
A thrower-in may now move in both directions parallel to the boundary lines. He may move a total distance from the designated throw-in place, laterally in one or in both directions, not to exceed a total of one (1) metre.
5.    Art. 18 and 19
Additional time-out and substitution opportunities according to the rule changes in October 2005.
6.    Art. 29.3
Penalty for 24-second violation added as there are cases when the standard violation penalty as defined in Art. 22.2 is not valid.
7.    Art. 44.2.6
If the error constitutes the wrong player attempting a free throw(s), the free throw(s) attempted as a result of the error shall be cancelled and the ball shall be awarded to the opponents for a throw-in at the free throw line extended.
8.    Art. 46.12 / C.4
The referee shall be authorised to use the technical equipment to decide if a last shot at the end of each period or any extra period was released during playing time before he signs the scoresheet.
This can only be applied when the technical equipment is available.
9.    Appendix A, Officials signals
A new signal for the visible count is added. The visible count shall be applied for the following rules only: Closely guarded player, throw in, free throw, and eight-second rule.
10. Art. B.7.1, Diagram 10
Time-outs will be entered into the scoresheet with the minute.