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#1. Name #8. Officers
#2. Objects #9. Executive Committee
#3. Membership #10. Powers and duties of the Executive Committee
#4. Fees #11. Accounts
#5. General Meetings #12. Audit
#6. Proceedings at General Meetings #13. General
#7. Votes of Members  

 1. NAME

  1. The name of the organisation shall be called The Middlesex Basketball League (hereinafter called the "League").


  1. The objects of the League shall be to encourage, develop and promote the sport of Basketball primarily within the former postal boundaries of the County of Middlesex and the geographical area identified as London West District by the Regional Governing Body of Basketball.


  1. Each elected member of the Executive Committee (EC) shall be a Member of the League.
  2. Membership shall also be open to any Club affiliated to the English Basketball Association and which can fulfil application requirements of the League.
  3. Membership is conditional on Clubs agreeing to abide by this Constitution and the League Playing Rules (PR).
  4. Membership however, is not guaranteed and is solely at the discretion of the EC.
  5. Membership Fees (hereinafter called "Fees") shall fall due as indicated on the League’s Official Entry Form for the new season.
  6. Each Member Club shall nominate a representative to act on its behalf who must be identified on the League Entry Form.
  7. In the case of death, resignation or removal of a representative during any year, the Club concerned shall elect a new representative to act in its place for the rest of the current year and must immediately notify the General Secretary (GS) of the League in writing of the change.
  8. Except in exceptional circumstances, no new representative shall be entitled to vote at any General Meeting unless and until he/she shall have been registered with the GS, not less than 48 hours prior to the commencement of such General Meeting.
  9. A Membership Register shall be kept with the General Secretary.


  1. The Fees payable by the Member Clubs shall be set by the Executive Committee. Fees may, at the discretion of the EC, cover not only entry fees for the League competition but also cover any other Cup Competitions, Tournaments, Play Off Competitions, Provision of Newsletters or any other event or service that the EC deems appropriate.
  2. The EC may pass a Resolution at a meeting (of which due notice including the notice of the intention to propose such a Resolution shall have been given) that any Member Club of the League shall cease to be such Member and if such Resolution shall be carried by a majority consisting of three fourths of the members of the EC present at the meeting then such Re solution shall take effect as from the conclusion of such meeting or from such subsequent time as the said Resolution may prescribe for the purpose and the EC may make any alteration in the Register of Members required by or consequent upon such Resolution and from the time at which such Resolution takes effect, no right of voting or other rights shall be xercised by such Member Club.
  3. If any member wishes to resign as a Member of the League then they should cause notice in writing to be given of that intention so to do addressed to the GS of the League, and the EC may accept the same on payment of all Fees and fines (if any) then due and owing by the Member.
  4. Whenever any person shall cease to be a member, their name should be removed from the Membership Register.


  1. The League shall hold a General Meeting in every calendar year as its AGM at such time and place as may be determined by the EC provided that every AGM shall be held within fifteen months of the previous AGM.
  2. All General Meetings, other than AGM's, shall be called Extraordinary General Meetings (hereinafter called "EGM").
  3. The EC may, at its discretion, call Open Forum meetings to discuss day-to-day matters or matters concerning development of the League. No voting rights will exist at these meetings unless specifically notified in writing to Members when notification of such meetings are given.
  4. The EC may, whenever it thinks fit, convene an EGM and EGMs shall also be convened within one month of receipt by the GS of a request to do so signed by 50% of Member Club representatives.
  5. The GS shall cause preliminary notice of the date of the AGM to be given to all Members at least 30 (thirty) days prior to the date of such AGM and such preliminary notice shall invite nominations and resolutions.
  6. Any Resolution or Motion which a Member wishes to bring before an AGM or an EGM must be notified to the GS in writing not less than 21 (twenty one) days before the date of the Meeting and no Resolution or Motion or other business other than the business brought forward by the EC shall come before the Meeting unless notice thereof has been so given.
  7. At least 14 (fourteen) days notice in writing of every AGM and of every EGM (exclusive in every case both of the day on which it is served or deemed to be served and of the day for which it is given) specifying the place, the day and the hour of meeting together with copy of the Agenda and in the case of special business the general nature of that business, shall be given by the GS, but with the consent of all the Members having the right to attend and vote thereat, or of such proportion of them as shown in 5.4 above in the case of Meetings other than AGM's, a meeting may be convened by such notice as those Members may think fit.
  8. The accidental omission to give notice of a Meeting to, or the non receipt of such notice by, any person entitled to receive notice thereof shall not invalidate any resolution passed, or proceeding had, at any meeting.


  1. All business shall be deemed special that is transacted at an EGM and also all business that is transacted at an AGM except the election of members of the Executive Committee and the officers of The League, the consideration of the Accounts and Balance Sheets, and the report of the EC and the report of the Auditor, the appointment thereof and the fixing of the emuneration thereof.
  2. No business shall be transacted at any General Meeting unless a quorum is present when the meeting proceeds to business. 50% of eligible voting members shall be a quorum.
  3. If within half-an-hour after the time appointed for the holding of a General Meeting a quorum is not present, the meeting if convened on the requisition of Members, shall be dissolved. In any other case, it shall stand adjourned to the same day in the next week, at the same time and place as the EC may determine and if at such adjourned meeting a quorum is not resent within half-an-hour from the time appointed for holding the meeting the Members present shall be a quorum.
  4. The Chairman of the League shall preside as chairman at every General Meeting but if there is no Chairman present within fifteen minutes after the time appointed for holding the same, or he shall be unwilling to preside, then the President shall preside or failing either of them then the Members present shall choose some Member of the EC or if no such Members be resent or if all the Members of the EC present decline to take the chair, they shall choose some Member of the League who shall be present to preside.
  5. The Chairman may, with the consent of any meeting at which a quorum is present (and shall if so directed by the meeting) adjourn the meeting from time to time and from place to place, but no business shall be transacted at any adjourned meeting other than from which the adjournment took place. Whenever a meeting is adjourned for thirty days or more, notice of he adjourned meeting shall be given in the same manner as of an original meeting. Save as aforesaid, the members shall not be entitled to any notice of an adjournment or of the business to be transacted at an adjourned meeting.
  6. At any General Meeting a Resolution put to the vote of the meeting shall be decided on a show of hands, unless a poll is, before or upon the declaration of the result of the show of hands, demanded by the Chairman or by at least three members present in persons, and unless a poll be so demanded a declaration by the Chairman that a Resolution has been carried r carried unanimously or by a particular majority, or lost, or not carried by a particular majority, an entry to that effect in the Minute Book of the League shall be conclusive evidence of the fact without proof of the number or proportion of the votes recorded in favour of or against that Resolution. The demand for a poll may be withdrawn.
  7. Subject to the provisions of article 6.8 if a poll be demanded in the aforesaid manner, it shall be taken at such time and place, and in such manner, as the Chairman shall direct, and the result of the poll shall be deemed to be the Resolution of the meeting at which the poll was demanded.
  8. No poll shall be demanded on the election of a Chairman of a meeting, or on any question of adjournment.
  9. In the case of equality of votes at either an Executive Committee Meeting or a General Meeting, only the Chairman of the meeting shall be entitled to a second or casting vote.
  10. The demand for a poll shall not prevent the continuance of a meeting or the transaction of any business other than the question on which a poll has been demanded.
  11. At all meetings of Members of the League the Chairman shall be responsible for the observance of the established rules of debate and conduct of meetings as detailed in the Standing Orders of The Middlesex Basketball League.


  1. Subject as herein provided, every Member who is present at a General Meeting shall have ONE vote on a show of hands or a poll.
  2. No person is permitted to make representation or exercise a vote at a General Meeting in more than one capacity (except as in Article 6.9 above).


  1. The Honorary Officers of the League shall be the President, the Past Presidents, the Life Vice-Presidents and the Hon. Executive Officers.
  2. Nominations for the offices of President and Life Vice-Presidents may only be made by the EC who shall present such nominations to the AGM whenever the EC deems it to be appropriate.
  3. The Hon. Executive Officers of the League shall be:
    1. The President
    2. The Members of the Executive Committee
  4. All Officers of the League retire annually but shall be eligible for re-election.


  1. The affairs of the League shall be managed by the EC who shall do all such acts and exercise all such powers of the League as may be required to give effect to the objects as described in article 2 of this Constitution.
  2. The EC shall consist of the following:
    1. Chairman
    2. General Secretary
    3. Treasurer
    4. Technical Development Officer
    5. Results Secretary
    6. Junior Development Officer
    7. Chair, Disciplinary Sub-Committee
  3. At its sole discretion, the EC may co-opt additional members to the EC, if necessary, who shall have full voting rights.
  4. Persons elected to hold an Hon. Executive Officer position in The Middlesex Basketball League should be prepared to give priority to the business of The League and observe that all matters discussed at Executive Committee Meetings are confidential.
  5. In electing Honorary Executive Officers, if only ONE nomination for a particular Honorary Executive Officer position has been made in writing by the closing date for nominations, then the sole nominee will automatically be deemed to have been returned as the new post-holder of the relevant position.
  6. In electing Honorary Executive Officers where there are more than two nominations for a particular Hon. Executive Office then no person shall be elected to such office unless he receives more than 50% of the votes cast. Further ballot will, if necessary, be taken to ensure that each such office is filled by a person who receives such a number of votes. If a second allot is necessary only the two candidates with the highest number of votes in the first mentioned ballot shall be eligible to participate in the second ballot. No person can be elected to more than one Executive Committee Office at any AGM.
  7. Subject only to the provisions of article 8.2. and 9.6. of these Presents all nominations for positions as an Honorary Officer shall be lodged with the GS not later than 21 (twenty one) days before the date of the AGM and such nomination must be signed by the proposer and seconder who must both be Members or the duly authorised representative of Members of the League. A list of the nominations shall be distributed by the GS to all Members together with the Agenda and notice of the AGM.
  8. Where a vacancy exists for the position of Honorary Executive Officer as a result of there being no candidate available for election in accordance with the provisions of article 9.5. then nominations for such vacancy may be taken from the floor of the AGM provided such nominations are properly proposed and seconded by Members or duly authorised representatives of Members of the League and provided also that the nominee or nominees are present to accept such nominations. If as a result of these procedures there is more than one nomination then the voting procedures as set out in article 9.5. of these Presents shall apply to that vacancy or vacancies. The provisions of this paragraph shall also apply where a vacancy exists as a result of an Hon. Executive Officer being unable to complete his full term of office for any reason.


  1. The management and control of the League and of its funds shall be vested in the Executive Committee which in addition to the powers and the authorities by these Presents expressly conferred on it may exercise all such powers and do all such acts and things as may be exercised or done by the League in General Meeting and subject nevertheless to any resolution from time to time made by the League in General Meeting provided that no Resolution shall invalidate any prior act of the EC which would have been valid if such a Resolution had not been made.
  2. The EC shall adopt and act upon the present Playing Rules and Standing Orders of the Middlesex Basketball League so far as the same are not inconsistent with these Presents and unless and until the same shall have been duly altered or varied.
  3. The EC may respectively delegate any of their powers to sub-committees either of their own body or otherwise and such sub-committees shall consist of such persons as the EC shall appoint. Such sub-committees shall be subject to such regulations as laid down by the EC.
  4. The quorum of the EC shall be five.
  5. The Chairman shall act as chairman at the Meetings of the EC but if at any meeting the Chairman is not present within fifteen minutes after the appointed time for holding the meeting, then the members of the EC present shall choose one of their members to be chairman. Only the chairman of the meeting shall have a second or casting vote in cases of equality of voting.
  6. The EC shall keep proper minutes of its proceedings and all acts done in pursuance of anything appearing by such minutes to be resolved upon or authorised by the EC shall be deemed to be acts of the EC within the meaning of these Presents.
  7. The EC may act notwithstanding any vacancy in its body.


  1. The EC shall cause accounting records to be kept.
  2. The accounting records shall be kept at such place as the EC shall think fit and shall always be open to the inspection of the Members of the EC.
  3. The EC shall from time to time determine whether and to what extent and at what times and places and under what conditions the accounts and books of the League or any of them shall be open to the inspection of Members not being Members of the EC and no Member (not being a Member of the EC) shall have any right of inspecting any account or book or document of the League except as authorised by the EC in General Meeting.
  4. At the AGM in every year the EC shall lay before the League a proper Income and Expenditure account for the period since the last preceding account made up to and including 31st May of each year together with a proper Statement of Affairs made up as at the same date. Every such Statement of Affairs shall be accompanied by proper records of the EC and the Auditors, and copies of such account, Statement of Affairs and reports and of any other documents shall not less than 14 (fourteen) days before the date of the meeting be sent to the Auditors and to all other persons entitled to receive notices of General Meetings in the manner in which notices are herein directly to be served. The Auditors report shall be open to inspection and be read before the meeting.


  1. Once at least in every year the accounts of the League shall be examined and the correctness of the Income and Expenditure account and Statement of Affairs ascertained by the authorised Auditor of the League.
  2. Auditors shall be appointed by the Executive Committee.


  1. No amendment shall be made to this Constitution unless it be approved by two-thirds (2/3) of the voting delegates at a General Meeting. Any proposed amendments to the Constitution shall be submitted to the General Secretary 21 (twenty-one) days prior to the Annual General Meeting or together with the demand for an EGM.
  2. Any member club failing to send a representative to the AGM shall be fined £ 50 from that club's Goodwill fee.
  3. Any matter not provided for in this Constitution shall be dealt with by the Executive Committee whose decision shall be final.

Last revised: August 2002