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Disciplinary Sub-Committee


In recent years, The Middlesex Basketball League has gained the reputation as one of the best run and most efficiently organised Leagues in the country. Levels of refereeing, club administration, discipline and distribution of League news and information have reached a high standard.


Nevertheless, the MBL Executive Committee aim to secure further improvements in all areas, but to which everyone involved with The League will also need to contribute in order to achieve success.


The Disciplinary Sub-Committee (DSC) is formed from a neutral panel of non-Executive Committee members, and led by the Chairman DSC, who has no voting powers.   


Policy and penalties have evolved over recent years.


It has come to the attention of the DSC recently that match officials are constantly being approached to discuss their decisions both during and after the game. Members are reminded that this is deemed as inappropriate behaviour and that should a match official deem it necessary to report a matter of this nature to the DSC, it will be considered a serious breach of the MBL’s Code of Conduct.