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Summary of Fines


Whilst it is not the League’s policy to increase revenue unnecessarily through fines, the EC hopes that Members will appreciate the need for fines to ensure that everyone plays by the same set of rules.


It is the intention of the EC to adopt a more flexible approach to the Fines System. The procedures outlined below will hopefully help clubs to be more careful about breaching the Playing Rules. These procedures rely on a great deal of voluntary time being given in order to make this work. However, it is not always possible to devote such time. Therefore, if these procedures are not followed, it does not mean that fines will not be applicable. The EC reserve the right to impose fines as per the League Playing Rules, without warning, should time not permit.


As far as possible, the Newsletter will be the main source of information for this Warning system to apply. Individual correspondence will not be possible!

  1. The League is advised of teams in breach of the League Playing Rules from the return of scoresheets by the winning team and from the return of Clubs Performance cards by the referees and also by the Disciplinary Sub-Committee.
  2. The first time the League is made aware of a team’s breach of a specific playing rule, a formal written warning (via the Newsletter) will be given to the team concerned highlighting the relevant transgression.
  3. If the League is notified again of the SAME breach of a specific playing rule, a second FINAL warning (via the Newsletter) will be given to the team advising them that all future breaches of the same playing rule will result in an automatic fine as per the League Playing Rules, summarised below.
  4. Procedures 2 and 3 above will be followed for each rule which is breached.
  5. Appeals to fines should be made, in writing, to the Divisional Secretary within seven days of the fine notification.
  6. At the EC’s discretion, fines may be revoked or published in the League newsletter.
  7. The above procedures do not relate to Disciplinary fines.










Match lost by forfeit  


£ 25




Non-standard uniforms


£   5 per player




MBL License number not on score sheet


£   5 per player




Lack of technical equipment for home matches


£   5 per item




Failure by HOME team to return Referees Performance card


£   5




Late score sheet being sent in by winning team


£ 10




Sub-standard completion of score sheet


£ 25




Failure by AWAY team to return Referees Performance card


£   5




Use of unapproved referee, not on Referees Panel


£ 10




Non-attendance of appointed club-nominated official


£ 20




Use of non-qualified Table Official


£ 10




Any action imposed by the Disciplinary Sub-Committee


Up to £ 500 maximum










Failing to send a representative to the AGM


£ 50