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How to Register Online

If you are using an AppleMac, as opposed to a PC to access this website, you must use Netscape or Safari as your browser.


Though there are many instructions, this whole process will take you no more than 5 minutes! Good Luck!! You may want to print these instructions first.

  1. On the Home page, click on Register Online.
  2. After two Security Alert pop-ups, you will be taken to a page entitled "Online Registration System" which lists four types of Registration forms available to you.
  3. EVERY PLAYER in the Middlesex League will need to complete the MBL & EB Individual Registration Form 2011-2012.
  4. EVERY OFFICIAL (Coach, Referee or Table Official) will need to complete the MBL & EB Coach & Official's Registration Form 2011-2012.
  5. Regardless of whether you have already registered with England Basketball (EB), the national governing body of basketball, you must still complete this form. If you wish to simply receive information from the Middlesex Basketball League (because you are interested in basketball), you should also complete this form and apply for Associate Membership.
  6. When you select this form, you will see another Security Alert, which you should accept as before.
  7. You will then be taken to the "Welcome" page. Please read the instructions carefully on this page.
  8. As this website was only launched this season, it is highly likely that you will be using this system for the first time. In which case, you should select the radio button for the "Participant" option.
  9. Now enter your first name, last name and email address as requested.
  10. Click on the Continue button.
  11. A confirmation screen, entitled "Password Mailed", will then appear. It informs you that the website has just emailed you a temporary password. You can change this later using the "Edit My Account" option on the bottom of the Home page menu.
  12. USUALLY, passwords are mailed within 2 minutes. However, it has been know to take longer! If you have not received your password within 15 minutes, then contact
  13. Whilst waiting for your password, leave this screen open and open your email application in another screen, if necessary.
  14. Check your emails & you should see one from (our hosting company) with a subject of "MBLBASKETBALL.ORG Temporary Password"; open this email and either highlight and copy ,or write down, the temporary password.
  15. Hotmail users should check their Junk folder for the password email. When they see it, they should drag the email into their Inbox so that all future emails from the League will be recognised.
  16. Go back to the screen on the MBLBasketball.org website entitled "Password Mailed" and click on the "Continue" button.
  17. The next screen is entitled "Sign In" and should have a yellow box with your email address already filled in the "email" field; you should enter your temporary password underneath this in the white box and then click on the "Continue" button.
  18. If you cannot wait for your password or have to exit the registration process for ANY REASON, when you go back into the system (armed with your new password), you now have to go in as a "Returning Participant" because your name and email address have already been recorded in the database.
  19. The next screen is entitled "Adult Information" and contains an explanation of how all information used during this registration process is kept entirely private within the Middlesex Basketball League.  Fill out all the information please.
  20. Note the tick boxes next to certain fields. The tick mark means this piece of info will be published only on the website. If you do NOT want this piece of info published within the League, then remove the tick mark from the box please.
  21. For the three boxes requesting your City, State and Postal information, leave the second box BLANK and enter your Post Code in the third box.
  22. You must Select "UNITED KINGDOM" as the Country or else you will get an error message when you submit the form!
  23. IMPORTANT:  Make sure you delete the dots in the fields called "Password" and "Enter it again" and TYPE IN YOUR OWN NEW PASSWORD in BOTH these fields.
  24. Leave the field called "ID" blank. The League will allocate this ID number to its members.
  25. Click the "Submit" button.
  26. The next screen is entitled "Family Entry & Participant Selection". Under the "Members" heading, you will see your name. On the left of your name, there is a grey "REGISTER" button. Click on this.
  27. You are now required to complete the actual Individual Registration form required by the League and England Basketball. Answer all questions as fully as possible. Remember to clearly put which of your Club's team you are representing, e.g. Richmond 1 (Men's Premier team) as opposed to Richmond 3 (Women's First team).
  28. On completion of the form, click on Submit Information.
  29. You will now get to a "Registration Review" screen.
  30. This is a confirmation screen of all the information you have supplied, It is strongly recommended that you PRINT this page.
  31. When you have finished, you may return to the Registration home page and use any of the other forms if you need to, but remembering to now go in as a Returning Participant.
  32. You will then receive another email from confirming your registration and the amount due, if any.
  33. If you are member of a club participating in the League, then forward this confirmation email to your own Club Secretary who will pay the League on your behalf.
  34. Other participants in the League who are not club-affiliated should send their payments to the League as requested on the email.
  35. If there are no monies due, there is nothing further for you to do.