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Men's Premier Division Play-Off Tournament 2005


The Middlesex Basketball League will be staging its annual Men's Premier Division Play-Off Tournament on the weekend of 4th & 5th June this year.

The 8 team format will consist of two Pools of 4, with each team playing 3 pool games on Saturday with cross-over and final play-off games on Sunday. Note, if there are insufficient entries, invitations may be made to new clubs for next season or alternatively, this format may change.





Pool Games

Saturday 4th June 2005

09.00am - 7.00pm

Cross-over Games

Sunday 5th June 2005

09.00am - 7.00pm

Cost: £250 per team (5 games guaranteed)



Brunel University, Kingston Lane, Uxbridge, Middlesex UB8 3PH

Directions (follow the link below):





Normal FIBA and MBL Playing Rules will apply, EXCEPT with the following amendments to timing regulations:

  1. Each quarter shall be EIGHT (8) minutes duration.
  2. The half-time interval shall be FIVE (5) minutes.
  3. In the event of OVERTIME being required, each period of overtime shall be THREE (3) minutes, with a ONE minute interval between each additional period of overtime.

Completed TEAM LISTS (maximum 12 players), with EBBA License numbers, must be supplied to the Tournament Commissioner, by the Team Coach and/or Captain by e-mail, NO LATER THAN 10.00am on Friday 3rd June 2005.


In the event of a colour clash, Team B, as shown in the Tournament schedule, will have to change uniforms. Please make sure that you have a spare set of uniforms with you!

  • COURT 1 is the new Netball Hall, on your right past reception.
  • COURT 2 is the old Sports Hall, on your left past reception

Team A (the first named team) in the schedule, must always sit on the team benches to the LEFT of the Scorer’s Table.

  1. All matches shall start at the stated times in the schedule.
  2. However, for games running late, a SIX minute WARM-UP period will be guaranteed for the following game, inclusive of a ONE (1) minute pre-game whistle notification by the referee.
  1. Teams NOT ready to start a game (with 5 players on the court) at the SCHEDULED start time will be given a grace period of SIX minutes from the end of the previous game.
  2. If one team is not ready to start after this grace period, it shall lose the game BY DEFAULT and no League points shall be awarded in the Tournament League Table classification.
  3. The score of the game will be recorded as 20 – 0.

Teams NOT ready to start play again after a charged time out has been completed may risk being charged with a Coach Technical Foul, at the referee’s discretion, if a second or third time out is not available to be granted.

  1. Any player DISQUALIFIED from a game will be AUTOMATICALLY banned for the next game IN ADDITION TO any penalties imposed by the Disciplinary Panel, which may include deduction of League points..
  2. Note: for severe disciplinary matters, a player, coach or the entire team, may, at the discretion of the Tournament Disciplinary Panel, be banned from participating in the remainder of the Tournament and further sanctions may be imposed by the Disciplinary Sub-Committee of the MBL.

Only TEAM PLAYERS on the scoresheet for any one game will be permitted to sit on the Team bench during a game, in addition to the Team Coach.


Team Coaches are responsible for ensuring that the area around the Team Bench has been cleared of rubbish (drinks bottles etc.) after each game played.


Please ensure that all participants, parents and spectators connected with your club use the black bin bags provided around the court for the disposal of rubbish during the Tournament. Thank you!

  1. Team Coaches are responsible for ensuring that their players and spectators supporting their club do not bounce basketballs around the side of the court areas for warming-up purposes whilst a game is in progress This is a safety measure and will ensure that no players get injured because a ball suddenly rolls onto a court!!
  2. The match officials may (for safety reasons), at their discretion, stop any game in progress to ensure that the above rule is complied with.

Pool League points shall be awarded as per MBL Playing Rules and ties resolved accordingly.


Winners and Runners-up trophies and individual mementoes shall be awarded to the 1st and 2nd placed teams who reach the Final.


Any disputes will be decided by the Tournament Commissioner, whose decisions shall be final and binding.

If you wish to apply for this Tournament, please complete the Tournament Entry form.