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3 on 3 Pre-Season Open Tournaments 2007

The Middlesex Basketball League will be staging a series of pre-season 3-on-3 Tournaments for various age categories as follows:


Sunday 2nd September, 9th September, 16th September, 23rd September & 30th September

U18 Boys

09.00am - 11.00am

Women's First Division

11.00am - 1.00pm

Men's First Division

1.00pm - 4.00pm

Men's Premier Division

4.00pm - 7.00pm

Cost (maximum 4 players): £25 per team per week

Minimum 4 games per week


Brunel University, Kingston Lane, Uxbridge, Middlesex UB8 3PH

Directions (follow the link below):



3 on 3 Tournament Rules

Rule No.





This event is only open to CURRENT MBL-registered participants.



A team consist of 3 players on the court and a maximum of 1 substitute. After the first game, your roster is set.



3 on 3 is a half-court game. The "check line" shall be the top of the 3pt arc.



  1. Each game will be 12 minutes RUNNING CLOCK.
  2. If there is a free throw being taken, this may be completed.



  1. Stalling or deliberate attempts to freeze the ball shall result in loss of possession.
  2. The referee may issue a verbal warning before taking away possession. The referee may, at their discretion, penalise this with a Techncial foul.


Start of Game

  1. Teams must be signed in and ready to play 10 minutes before their scheduled time.
  2. A Coin Toss will determine who gets possession first. The Timekeeper will sound the game clock horn to start play.


Ball Possession and putting the ball into play

  1. The ball changes possession after each basket unless a foul is awarded.
  2. After a basket has been scored, a foul called or out of bounds, the ball MUST be PASSED in from the check line.
  3. The referee must handle the ball after out of bounds is called or a foul is awarded.
  4. After defensive steals, rebounds or blocked shots, the ball must also be returned to the check line, but does not need to be passed into play.



  1. The MASTER visual game clock will be stopped at 6 minutes for a one-minute time out.
  2. The clock will NOT be stopped for injuries or rule discussions.



  1. ONLY AFTER a made basket or BEFORE a free throw is taken or on any whistle.
  2. The substitute must get an official's attention and WAIT TO BE CALLED IN.
  3. A Techncial Foul may be called for failure to abide by this rule.


3-second rule

Normal 3-second lane violations will be called.


Points Scoring

  1. Each basket is worth 1 point only, including free throws (unless rule 15 below applies).
  2. "3pt" shots made are worth 2 points.


Personal Fouls

  1. Any player who gets 4 personal fouls will be FOULED OUT.
  2. There are no team fouls.


Defensive Fouls

For normal DEFENSIVE fouls not resulting in free throw penalties, the ball will be in-bounded at the check line.



Fouls in the act of shooting (for missed baskets) will be penalised by 1 free throw only (worth 1 point). For made baskets, an additional free throw may be awarded.


Offensive Fouls

The ball must be brought back into play from the top of the 3pt arc and checked to the defensive player.


Technical, Unsportsmanlike & Disqualifying Fouls

  1. These fouls will be penalised by ONE free throw worth 2 points, plus possession of the ball from the top of the 3pt arc.
  2. Players who are disqualified will not be able to take part in the rest of the Tournament.
  3. There is NO RIGHT OF APPEAL.


Free Throws

  1. The referee shall signal the ball in play for free throw attempts. Normal free throw rules apply, except as shown above.
  2. Teams must line up promptly for free throws.
  3. Officials will penalise teams that attempt to consume time by using stalling tactics.


Held ball

Normal possession arrow rules apply.



  1. If the score is tied after regular time, a GOLDEN BASKET overtime period will apply.
  2. Normal possession arrow rules will determine who starts possession in overtime.


League points

Normal MBL rules will apply for League points and resolving Pool placings.



The winners of each pool will advance to the Play-Offs.


General Rules

All other MBL and FIBA rules will apply.


Tournament Commissioner

The decision of the Tournament Commissioner will be final.

If you would like to enter one of the 3 on 3 Tournaments, please complete the Entry Form.