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England Basketball Refereeing Award Scheme


Competent qualified referees are an important requirement for all basketball games. These referees are trained and assessed through courses and examinations conducted at area and national level.

Levels of Award

Apprentice Referee (Level 1)

Qualified to officiate at school and recreational games, Apprentice Referees may be appointed to Cadet (Under-16) and Junior (Under-18) competitions under the auspices of a Regional Management Committee or Area Association, at the discretion of the Regional Management Committee.

Level 2

Qualified to officiate at matches of Regional and Area level, Inter-Area matches, and both club and school matches.

Level 3

Qualified to officiate at matches of National level, Regional League and cup Competitions, and to act as the umpire on Junior and Under 20 National League Games.

Level 4

Qualified to officiate at all matches of Senior National League level

Level 5 (International - FIBA)

Qualified to officiate in any match, this grade is obtained by Level 4 Referees who have been recommended by England Basketball, and successful when examined by the International Basketball Federation (FIBA)